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August 18, 2019


We set out on a 1 day hike and fishing trip, Ray from Kikaboo Spices had us over for dinner and tells us how he cooks his famous ribs. We cover promo codes, goose hunting, future trips, how Kikaboo got started, and many other things.

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July 11, 2019

OOP48- UFO’s?

Don't mind the title, we think we're hilarious. We cover our fantastic meal as well as well some fishing gear and future trips. We also are proud to finally announce our big 10K giveaway, a bow!? yup, you read that right, OOP is giving away a brand new bow!


As per usual here at OOP, our meal was seasoned with Kikaboo Spices, use promo code: kikaoop to receive 10% off of your order at https://kikabooshop.com/

After a delicious meal, we sit down with our buddy's Evan, Steve, Andrew, and his son Nick to talk about turkey season and hunting in general. Cam hosted us and put on a delicious meal! 

Our meal was seasoned with Kikaboo Spices, use promo code kikaoop to receive 10% off of your order at https://kikabooshop.com/

This week we sat down with Marty from Aimcise. The supplements that are specifically designed for hunters, shooters, archers, and professional athletes. We go over what each individual product does, as well as our own personal experiences with the products.

Aimcise website: https://www.aimcise.com/

We get back from back bear camp and Talk about Cello's turkey he harvested last week, as well as some bad food experience! Thanks for tuning in everyone!

We go over Cam's successful weekend archery turkey hunting, what he did, how he called and what happened! We also announce our new camera's, the new Spypoint Link Micro and what we plan on using them for this year!

April 17, 2019


We go over some gear and prep for the upcoming 2019 turkey season. New products, some fun facts, and of course some laughs.

April 2, 2019


We finally get a chance to just sit down with each other and talk about whatever we want. We discuss Ontario's new license and seal system, our new gear we got our hands on, dealing with some negative comments from an individual and of course our winter indoor league which is slowly coming to an end. Thanks for listening everyone!

We sat down and talked with Mike from Hunters Blend Coffee, and what a chat! Mike tells us why hunters blend is not only the only coffee catered directly towards hunters, but how the coffee actually helps those in less fortunate countries. We talk about hunters bashing each other and hear some great stories, as well as our dream hunts and hunting in general. 

Thanks for your time Mike, it was greatly appreciated.

Check out the best coffee in the world at https://www.huntersblendcoffee.com/

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