The last episode of the White Tail Wednesday of 2020. What a blast, I hope everyone had as much fun as I did and learned as much as I did this year for hunting whitetails. Best of luck if you're still chasing!! I'm rooting for you!

With only a few weeks left in this wonderful white tail season I was able to seal the deal on a buck I had past experience with. Heathen Outdoors does a take over and decides to question my story. Trev and I also dive into some techy stuff regarding gear mishaps! 

ATAC Outdoors joins me this week to share his hunting techniques. Another area we haven't reported to much on this year. Every phone conversation brings us outdoorsmen and women together to share the amazing passion of the outdoors. You could be next to share!

Being mobile With the podcast allowed me into the Heathen Outdoors den for an episode of past stories and some updates regarding our 2020 whitetail season. Best of luck to the Heathens for the remainder of the Season.

Quick update and tactic for hunting the last break in between our southern Ontario gun week. Where and when is the most affective to be hunting this time of year ?

Find out in this Episode. 

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OOP take over by my little brother. Drills me with some questions as he just retained his hunting license. As well he jumps in on his first few sits of hunting whitetails.

Whitetail Wednesday questionnaire take over by my little brother. Just a few weeks with a hunting license and he is floored with how much there is to learn. Hear my story about my successful Public Land Buck and get some tips going into the next week of the whitetail woods. 

Gather round for some awesome stories with Dawson. Ethics is the most important practice of our trade. the RUT IS ON!!

Down in the dumps over not recovering a beautiful 8 pt buck I got an opportunity with. The sad truth about some hunting. Practice your everything, be your best, be respectful. Tune in to hear more!

This week as we approaching some serious rutting activity I run a solo cast and talk about my tactics and my sightings. What am I looking to see in the next week as we get to the peak of seeking phase? Tune into this episode and you'll find out!

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