A year into the saddle craze or brand new never heard it? Stini gear gives us the low down to buy one of his saddles. In all my years of hunting thus far, this saddle is like sitting in my lazy boy recliner. Thanks to my buddy Bryce for showing me this thing. I think it's safe to say I'll be spending a lot of time in the tree this year and here's why you should too. Ontario made hunting gear!

August 16, 2022

OOP91 - Redneck Podcasts

Heathen Outdoors very own, Trev Somers sits down and performs the gift of gab. The incredible thing about the hunting and outdoors community is many new and old friends share the same values in passions, often lead to some incredible discussions and stories. We're mid way here in Ontario, CA through our summer fishing season and fall hunting prep. 

We touch on busy careers, home life, off season prep & share some old past times.


Enjoy and happy hunting!

Marcello and Tim in the HOUSE!!! talking the new North Shore Custom Calls company. These guys are avid outdoorsman and made me a wicked OOP turkey pot cool, find out how you can get one too.

Also this weekend is the tilbury big buck show, hope to see you all there!

This is as genuine as it gets. Loud, explicit and a good time. Best of friends and family coming together to share the highs and low's of Ontario moose hunting. Every year we look forward to this hunt (if we draw a tag) and this time we kept it as authentic as possible so you could be in camp with us. Enjoy.


Well IM excited us bow hunters get to finish the season off. Almost a sigh of relief, ya feel me ? 

Some great input for this recording, lots of folks back in the woods. Is moon phase a thing for your hunting methods ? Tune in to see what thoughts of some of the listeners is. 

Goodluck out there! the final countdown is on!

WOOO...having lots of fun out there now. Home stretch to get the controlled hunts done and over with. Then..it's a bow hunters paradise again for 3 weeks.

Joined by Lightning McQueen of Heathen Outdoors, he tells us a bit about his season and shares his thoughts.


If you don't know already, the proposal from the MNR has be outlined for us outdoorsmen and women..BUT they didn't include everyone. They have left out a few WMU's for people to grant the use of a bow during a controlled hunt season. If you are a bow hunter and want to voice your concern, please do so NOW! Very important if you want changes, that you be heard.

Enjoy the episode!

Seasoned hunters and not as seasoned hunters, folks from all around sharing their experience in the whitetail woods. Can we say a lot of deer are NOCTURNAL for this time of the year ? The weather has played such a crazy roll in all of my hunting trips this year, it's both a blessing and a curse. Hopefully more of a blessing when it's my time to jump back into the tree stand.


Want to be on the podcast ? Shoot me an email or dm to share your story and what the deer activity is like in your area.




How fitting is this "rut" if you can even call it that based on everything that has happened the past 2 years with the world..I mean none of my journals line up with what is going on. Some of the slowest "rut" activity I have ever seen for my area. 
On a positive note I got a new dog with high hopes of having him in the woods, so that's cool at least.

Best of luck to those still battling !


Although late due to me living my absolute dream and hunting the past several weeks, we need to get down to work and focus on what's important in the whitetail woods around home. Weekly report on what has been seen thus far in this lightly detailed episode to hit off the series during the rut. Also brief on my success on public land for a second time in a row!


Want to be on the podcast yourself ? Shoot me a DM via instagram, Facebook or email to talk about the whitetail activity in your area.

I am lucky to sit down with wild life biologist Jacey to discuss her grizzly encounter. While on a routine work check Jacey stumbled over a grizzly on a kill site that turned bad in a hurry. Jacey is almost ready to get back into the woods but shares the time with me to educate others on simple bear know how's. 


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